- Yzak Jule

- 17 (Gundam SEED)
- 19 (Gundam SEED Destiny)

- August 8th, C.E.* 54

- Leo

- O

- Coordinator* (second generation*)

- 175 cm / 5'9 (Gundam SEED)
- 177 cm / 5'10 (Gundam SEED Destiny)

- 66 kg / 145 lbs (Gundam SEED)
- 56 kg / 123 lbs (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Hair Color
- Silver

Eye Color
- Blue


- Elite (red uniform), squadron commander, PLANT's* council (Gundam SEED)
- Commander (white uniform), PLANT's council, Major* (Gundam SEED Destiny)

- Ezaria Jule (mother)

* C.E.: Stands for Cosmic Era, the timeline in the series that succeeds the A.D. calendar. This change came about following the Reconstruction War; a third world war started due to Earth's dwindling resources and heightened pollution, causing a worldwide economic collapse and movement to divide the nations into power blocs. The calendar change holds hope to a future of humankind and space exploration.

* Coordinator: While a Natural is a "normal" human being, a Coordinator is one with enhanced physical and mental capabilities, reached through genetic engineering in the early embryotic stages. Coordinators have the potential to learn much more, much faster, as well as possess stronger, more able bodies that are immune to disease. The first Coordinator, George Glenn, revealed his Coordinator status to the world, followed by releasing the process of how he was born. Originally, Coordinators and genetic manipulation were illegal, though many Coordinators were born in secret. As the number of Coordinators heightened, so did the Naturals' intimidation and immoral views on them. Following the assasination of George Glenn and birth of a deadly strain of inflienza believed to be created by Coordinators in revenge, genetic manipulation was once again banned. Though scientist Coordinators eventually found a cure for this disease, it did not ease the tension between the two races. Coordinators dwell primarily in space, on the PLANT settlements.

* Second Generation: First generation Coordinators are those whose parents are Naturals. These Coordinators were born due to genetic manipulation while in the embryotic stages. Second generation Coordinators are Coordinators born naturally by two Coordinator parents, who inherit their heightened capabilities rather than go through genetic manipulation. Problems have started to occur in the oncoming third generation of Coordinators in the form of genetic saturation and becoming sterile. Though many scientists on PLANT are looking into ways around this problem through additional genetic manipulation, leaders like Patrick Zala are determined to overcome these problems so Coordinators can continue on without aid.

* ZAFT: PLANT's military, ZAFT is an acronym for Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty.

* PLANT: Settlements in space originally intended for research and manufacturing, PLANT is the primary settlement for Coordinators, who sought to live there due to tension between them and Naturals. There are twelve sectors of PLANT, with around ten of these giant, hourglass-shaped colonies in each sector. Each sector is named after the Roman calendar, and each specialize in a specific scientific or industral endeavor, all governed by the Supreme Council. In Gundam SEED, PLANT stood for "Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology," but following the first war, in Gundam SEED Destiny, PLANT is redefined to mean "People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology."

* Major: According to the Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster box set, after the second war, ZAFT introduced a class system, making Yzak's new rank "Major" rather than "Commander."