From a rather immature, self-centered and narrowminded boy bloomed a mature, passionate and headstrong commander. Yzak is a character who goes through some serious changes in the series, to learn all about this site's (and domain's) namesake in depth, head on over to the info section of this site.

Naturals and Coordinators; ordinary humans and humans who have been genetically altered to be stronger, faster, smarter. Tension between the two stemming from intimidation, unacceptance and feelings of superiority eventually escalates into a full-scale war. Armed with giant killing machines known as mobile suits (and the ever-powerful G-units: operation system acronym GUNDAM), the Natural's Earth Alliance and Coordinator's ZAFT military both fight in hopes to end the war in their favor. Gundam SEED focuses on a civillian boy named Kira Yamato and his friends, who are pulled right into the middle of the war against their wills. Worse yet, this situation pits Kira against his childhood friend, Athrun Zala.

An amazing series that not only covers Gundam's great legacy of those giant robots in space, Gundam SEED also boasts a great story that focuses on the big question of "war, what is it good for?" and shows that there is so much more to it than just who's on what side and what one should be fighting both against and most importantly, for. But it doesn't stop there, Gundam SEED focuses deeply on the characters and their development throughout the series. With a varied cast of characters ranging from civilians to clones to humans-turned-weapons, you see so many different ranges of emotions and hardships. It's a wonderful series really worth checking out.

Yzak is my favorite character in the Gundam SEED series, and easily one of my favorites of all time. He held my interest from the very start of the series, and as it continued on I found myself growing more and more interested in everything he was doing. His personality is both intriguing and very fun, in terms of gathering thoughts together about him for things such as meta, fanfiction and roleplay. I originally created this shrine years ago because in the initial Gundam SEED invasion, there were no shrines going up for him. All this time later, I'm glad people have enjoyed the site and all it has to offer, and considering I still adore the hell out of his character, it's not going anywhere anytime soon! Just like this old ass domain. ;)

"For the Future" is a lyric from Yzak's image song in the Gundam SEED: Suit CD collection. Titled Shoot. The lyrics for the chorus are: "shoot for the future, to a place that still shines." Which I think is a pretty fitting line for Yzak's character as a whole, for so many reasons. It's also a great song, which you can download in the media section of this site.

The image layouts are from the Gundam SEED 2009 calendar, the Gundam SEED Destiny DVD volume 3 special cover, and from one of the Gundam SEED special cards that were included in the Japanese DVD releases. The backgrounds are from an image of the box for the GOUF Ignited: Yzak Jule edition gunpla model, an image of the box for the Slash ZAKU Phantom: Yzak Jule edition gunpla model, and from an old magazine scan. The fanlisting layout uses an official image from the Gundam ACE magazine, with the background being a scan from an artbook. The background tiles are from the now defunct Kaliber10000 website, with the colors edited for each layout.

I'm Tara! And some of my hobbies outside of SEED, Yzak and website-construction vary from other series as well as video games. All of course are attempted to be enjoyed in this thing called life, as I'm Old™ and have responsibilites that sometimes, sadly, must come first. I also have a Last Exile-focused domain over at Over the Sky, and a Xenosaga one at the Kukai Foundation I live in New York City and like lazing around at home with my cats. Sometimes I cosplay as Jesus from The Walking Dead. I love meeting new people, especially those who are into the same things and fandoms that I am. So feel free to hit me up at tara(@)yzak.nu and say hi!