for the future          

Welcome to For the Future, a shrine dedicated to Yzak Jule of the Gundam SEED franchise. Going strong since 2004 (and ignoring the very long revamp hiatus), if you've found your way here looking for some Yzak content or remember this site from days old, hopefully it delivers!

Update: April 2020
SO WHAT'S NEW? The site has a new layout, hopefully cleaner, better navigable, easier to find things. I went on a quick run of the internet to add a bunch of images to a new gallery. Rewrote a lot of things (some had been rewritten for a long time, ha ha...), moved my old fanlisting here so it has its own compact little page. Call me sentimental, but I always had fun running fanlistings when they were a thing and Yzak's old one had nice numbers!

There IS some new content though, because there has been some new canon/series things! Did you know a new Yzak-focused drama came out a few years ago called The Melancholy of Yzak? Did you know that Gundam SEED is being redubbed by Nozomi Entertainment so we have a new English voice actor for Yzak? Once that drops I'll add clips to the approproate page (hopefully). Otherwise I'll note any other future updates here!