Welcome to yzak.nu, a long-standing, Gundam SEED influenced domain with a small handful of sites. Browse around a bit, hit me up at tara(@)yzak.nu to say hi, and hopefully you'll find something here that's worth the visit! This layout is version 7, titled Surprise, Bitch, I Bet You Thought You'd Seen the Last of Me, and dedicated to randos on /m/ who still want to bang Yzak (full story below).

Shrine dedicated to Yzak Jule, back up, revamped, and running.

Shrine dedicated to Yzak Jule and Dearka Elthman. Still outdated.

Nobody adopts sprites anymore, but I had fun making these.

Fanlistings used to be big, here's the ones I still have up!

If you happen to be a fan of Last Exile, I also have a domain Over the Sky with lots of information and projects.

If website linking is still a thing anywhere else:

It's 2020, when was the last time I updated this domain? It sure has been a while, so here's the story of how I got inspired to come back and get that fandom creativity going a little again.

I was attenting Katsucon 2020 for one reason: we had a big Xenosaga cosplay group set up for Saturday. I had no other plans, until I found out a friend of mine and a friend of her's were cosplaying from Gundam SEED on Friday. With nothing else to do and 11 years since I last cosplayed Yzak, I decided to give that cosplay another go and maybe get some actual good photos this time around. Like this one! Another friend joined in on the group too, and that friend told me a funny story. They said my domain got mentioned on /m/ literally a week earlier as still being alive. I was excited to cosplay Yzak again after over a decade, Gundam SEED was announced to be getting a new dub, and my domain getting mentioned in the middle of all this felt like some sort of fate.

So when I got home I looked through the archives for the post in question, and of course subject of the post was about how anons there still wanted to bang Yzak. But someone mentioned my Xenosaga projects as well, and I had been updating my Last Exile projects until somewhat-recently, but I suddenly missed doing those kinds of things with my domains. I realized my Yzak shrine had been on hiatus for years, and I was so close to finishing when I stopped working on the revamp, so I decided to sit down and have a little fun again. As of updating this, it's April 2020, so I also had a lot of free time being home and out of work for a while thanks to the state of our world right now. So yeah I'm serious when I say thanks randos on /m/ who still want to bang Yzak for inspiring me to bring even the smallest bit of new life into this nearly twenty-year-old domain.