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REvirus - Resident Evil series
Enter The Survival Horror - Resident Evil 1
Fear Never Ends - Resident Evil 2
Last Escape - Resident Evil 3
Berceuse - Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Prelude - Resident Evil 0
A New Blood - Resident Evil 4
Dark Legacy - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Outbreak - Resident Evil Outbreak
Made In Heaven - Chris Redfield
Last Escape - Jill Valentine
Deceptive - Albert Wesker
Hero - Leon S. Kennedy
Valkyrie - Claire Redfield
Soldier - Rebecca Chambers
Hired Hand - Carlos Oliveira
Fugitive - Billy Coen
Espionage - Ada Wong
Love Said No - Steve Burnside
Unlimited Power - Alexia Ashford
Solitary - Sherry Birkin
Agent Death - HUNK
Creep - Jack Krauser
Carnal - Jack Krauser
The Castellan - Ramon Salazar
Repented - Luis Sera
Thorn Within - David King
Fearless Officer - Kevin Ryman
Warlord - Sergei Vladimir
Demon's Gate - Raccoon City
Room 402 - Raccoon City Hospital
Special Tactics And Rescue Service - S.T.A.R.S.
The Madness Of The Jackals- U.B.C.S.
The Umbrella Corporation - The Umbrella Corporation
Hate Without Frontiers - Chris Redfield & Albert Wesker
Unspoken - Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine
Hidden Agenda - Albert Wesker & Ada Wong
2Obsessed - Albert Wesker & Jill Valentine
I WILL Be There - Claire Redfield & Sherry Birkin
Don't worry Ashley! I'm coming for you! - Leon S. Kennedy & Ashley Graham
Metal Tango - Leon S. Kennedy & Jack Krauser
The Weight of Another - Claire Redfield & Steve Burnside
A Whisper of Sweetness - David King & Yoko Suzuki
Conspirators - Albert Wesker & William Birkin
Protect - Rebecca Chambers & Billy Coen

Made In Heaven - Chris Redfield
The Homepage of Jill Valentine - Jill Valentine
Tyranny - Albert Wesker
Man in Uniform - Leon S. Kennedy
Valkyrie - Claire Redfield
Another Woman - Ada Wong
Silver Bullet - Billy Coen
Solitary - Sherry Birkin
Carnal - Jack Krauser
The Dragonfly - Alfred Ashford
Embryo - William Birkin
.45 Automatic - Kevin Ryman
Repented - Luis Sera

Project Umbrella
The Horror is Alive
Resident Evil Unlimited
Resident Evil Center (Spanish)
Resident Evil Realm (Italian)
Resident Evil.IT
Resident Evil Wiki
Resident Evil RPG