Last Updated: October 5th, 2010
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Hello, and welcome to Xenobytes, a site dedicated to the Xenosaga I & II game for the Nintendo DS. Here you'll find tons of images from the game, as well as scans from the Perfect Guide for it, and maybe even more goodies if we can get anything interesting enough to add to it!

Xenosaga I & II is a DS adaptation of Episodes I and II, with many extra side-stories and event changes that tie the two games together better and fill in some of the holes that it left. It's a fun play, whether you know Japanese or not, so we'd definitely recommend to buy it if you can! Its price isn't steep at all, and it's worth every penny.

Since some things from this game don't seem to be easily findable online, we hope that you enjoy everything we've got here. Take a look at the Terms, and feel free to contact if there are any questions or comments. This site is a part of