[Yzak] randomly i realize a gunblade would be what jin and jr.'s child would use as a weapon. if they could. you know. have one.
[Gwendal] ...
[Gwendal] ......
[Gwendal] why were you thinking about that
[Yzak] ... because jr.'s spooging a little at squall and seifer. :(
[Yzak] and i went
[Yzak] well jin would like the sword half to this
[Yzak] and that led to. yes.
[Gwendal] ...oic.
[Yzak] XD <33
[Yzak] obvs we should make a baby
[Yzak] it would be the most amazing child ever
[Yzak] it would also love books x ... .... x ... 9000?
[Gwendal] ...yes.
[Gwendal] ...shion wuold hate us for it.
[Yzak] also a little incestual. ... with his TWIN sister because with jr you need clonetypes.
[Yzak] why am i thinking about this
[Gwendal] ....
[Gwendal] sob
[Yzak] XD
[Gwendal] draw it
[Yzak] ...
[Yzak] I SHOULD omg.
[Gwendal] 8D
[Yzak] i should also draw us getting married!!1
[Yzak] tee hee!
[Yzak] a certain pink loli is going to come back and see this and dump me.