Hello! And welcome to Durp - a site that's as stupid as its name sounds, because this is really just a dump site for my stupidest drawings, the stupidest drawings you will ever see on the internet. This site is a part of yzak.nu.

What should you expect to see here? The occasional retarded comic that I actually spent more than ten minutes and 4% of my creativity on. But there are also a lot of 20-second stick figure drawings and mostly things you will probably not find funny. IS THIS ART? Probably not. If you want my lame excuse of art go to my deviantART.

Some of these are based on campfuckudie chatroom convos, and some are just random, retarded ideas that I thought up myself because I very much enjoy lovingly mocking the series I love. ♥ So expect some completely retarded series crossovers, too.