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Maiden of Grimoire: Noooooo! I donít understand anything! I donít understand anything anymore! Give it to me! Give me my name! And my memory!!!

Jin and Shion: Huh?!

(The girl gnosifies.)

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~

(The Gnosisí arm is suddenly cut off by Version 3 KOS-MOS.)

Shion: KOS-MOS?!

(Narration Ė Shion:)

The black smoke produced by Lemegeton surrounded the girlís body as she transformed into a Gnosis.

The Fragment of Lemegeton, while keeping her consciousness intact, gnosified her. She lost her senses and we could no longer hear her voice.

I was unable to contain my emotions and I began to lose control when KOS-MOS, equipped with her new exoskeleton, appeared to get us out of this mess.

She protected us from the Gnosis attack. Seizing the opportunity, Jin turned toward the Gnosis while drawing his katana.


Shion: Jin, what are you doing? Stop! Have you lost your mind?

Jin: We canít do anything else for her.

Shion: Stop! Iím begging you! I want to talk to her! Jin!!

Jin: Letís go, KOS-MOS.

KOS-MOS: Attacking.

Jin: Hyyyaaaa!

(Narration Ė Shion:)

Jinís katana cut the Gnosis in two, allowing the Maiden of Grimoire to pull herself out what remained.

My brother was right; she hadnít completely gnosified yet and could still be saved.


Nephilim: Shion, I will help you to remember, about her.

These areÖ my memories?

Shion: Almadel? Is that your name? Why are you here? Are you okay?

No, thatís not it.

These are the girlís, AlmadelísÖ

Researcher: Professor Uzuki, I am awakening her consciousness.

Almadel: WhoÖ are you?

Suou Lemegeton binding state? We can no longer afford to make Professor Mizrahi wait.

Researcher: For the moment, everything seems to be proceeding perfectly. But the values arenít stable.

Suou Hm, thatís oddÖ restart phase 6.

Researcher: But if we do that, the body will suffer.

Suou I donít care! He doesnít want to listen to my excuses for our continued delays.

Almadel: Stop. What are you doing?! Nooo! Iím scared!

Suou Go be a good girl. Tell me what you want quietly.

Shion: Is she okay?

Almadel: Whoís that? No! Iím scared!

Shion: Hey, this girl is scared. Poor girlÖ

Researcher: Professor UzukiÖ

Suou I already told you not to come in here!

Shion: ButÖ

Suou Hurry up and get out.

(Shion leaves the room.)

Suou Once we introduce something into her brain it provokes interferences. Try to modify the doses of the medication.

Almadel: No! Stop! No! Noooo!

(Narration Ė Shion:)

I remembered everything. With the help of the girlís memories, my memory returned.

On Miltia, 14 years ago, I met her.

And in her memories was my father, Suou Uzuki.

That was why she was scared of my brotherís face; he looked a bit like our father.

I donít what kind of connection my father could have had with Vector, Joachim Mizrahi, and Grimoire.

In any case, one thing was certain, I had memories in common with Almadel.


Shion: I know! I know you!

Almadel: Nooooo!!!

Shion: Almadel! Get ahold of yourself! Almadel!

Almadel: AlÖ madel?

Shion: Yes, Almadel, thatís your real name.

Almadel: Almadel?

(14 years earlier.)

Shion: Your name is Almadel, right? My name is Shion. Are you all alone? Donít be afraid. Iíll stay here beside you. Itíll be okay. If youíre mistreated, Iíll protect you.

Suou Shion. Shion!

Shion: So, see you later.

(Flashback from chapter 5)

Shion: Iíll stay close to you. I swear, I will protect you.

(Return to present.)

Almadel: Shion!

Shion: Yes, Almadel, itís me.

Almadel: ShionÖ

Shion: Itíll be okay now. You have nothing to be afraid of. So stop the Song, Almadel.

Almadel: It wonít stop. It wonít stop! I canít stop it!

Shion: Donít give up, Almadel!

Almadel: Shion! Shion!

Shion: Donít be afraid! I promised! Iíll stay with you! Why? Why wonít it stop?! Nephilim!

Nephilim: Itís impossible. Even I donít have the power. She is already possessed by Lemegeton. Almadel canít live. If she continues to live, Lemegeton will completely possess her. But only she can make the decision.

Shion: ButÖ why?!

Almadel: I canít stop it. If it continues Shion willÖ

Nephilim: Almadel, you want to save everyone and Shion?

Almadel: Yes, but I canít. I canít stop it.

Nephilim: It will be okay. You can stop it if you wish to. You must understand. Remember?

Almadel: Remember?

(14 years earlier.)

Shion: So, see you later.

(Narration Ė Shion:)

At that instant I was in accord with her consciousness. The memories she searched forÖ

We only spent a few days together but for her, they were happy moments, important memories.

It was for those that she made her decision, to protect us, with her memories.


Almadel: ItísÖ pleasant. ItísÖ

Nephilim: Can you stop it?

Almadel: Yes but, will it be sad?

Nephilim: Yes, in effect. But for the people you met you wonít disappear. Theyíll continue to remember you.

Almadel: Memories of me? Okay! Shion?

Shion: Almadel?

Almadel: Shion, I remember too. You know, youíre the one who found my memories.

Shion: Almadel, youÖ

Almadel: Next time, if we meet, will you play with me?

Shion: What are you talking about? Of course! We can play together whenever you want!

Almadel: Okay, Iím already excited.

Shion: Almadel! What are you going to do?

Almadel: You know, itís me who will protect you.

Shion: Wait Almadel! I donít want this!

Almadel: Thank you, Shion.

Shion: Stop, Almadel! I beg you!! Stop!! Jin!!!! Stop her!!!!!!!!!

Almadel: So, see you laterÖ

Shion: NoÖ AlmadelÖ Itís isnít true, is it? How? Why did sheÖ

Jin: She rejected Lemegeton to save usÖ no, to protect you as well as her memoriesÖ

Shion: Why did she do that...

Nephilim: Soon, this place will shut down and become a tomb for Grimoire and Almadel. Nobody can threaten them, for eternityÖ

KOS-MOS: This location is beginning to shut down. We must escape quickly.

Shion: No, I canít.

(Jin slaps Shion across the face.)

Shion: Jin?!

Jin: Shion! You think that Almadel did that so you could give up now?

Shion: Then explain it to me! Why was she born?! She only wanted happiness!

Jin: That isnít something that others can answer. Only Almadel can.

Shion: I donít want to listen to your reasoningÖ

Jin: But you know one thing is certain. Meeting you allowed her to find her memories. Thatís an undeniable fact.

Shion: JinÖ

Jin: So, letís go, Shion.


14 years ago, Joachim Mizrahi created the U-DO system. The foundation of this system rested on the Gnosis calling program, ďLemegetonĒ. Almadel was born to serve as a guinea pig for his research.

Grimoire planted Nephilimís memories into Almadelís brain. Then, using Lemegeton, he tried to revive Nephilimís consciousness.

However, Almadel rejected these memories and sacrificed herself to stop the Song of Nephilim created by Lemegeton; she gnosified and turned to salt.

Almadel and Grimoire were lost Ars Nova was destroyed. It was announced that this marked the end of the current Gnosis attacks.

Officially, the one responsible, Grimoire Verum, was reported missing. The truth of these facts was mysteriously hidden by Vector.

Other areas suffered the pressure of Vector. Juli of the Subcommittee was transferred to a Federation military establishment. I also heard that the Foundation that was in charge of the investigation was pursued for having connections to this incident.

My discipline for having broken into S-Division was demotion and outright removal of my position as chief. The KOS-MOS project was frozen until a new chief was named.

Had there been any other measures taken by Vector, I would still consider myself lucky. Effectively, even after my demotion, I could still continue to participate in KOS-MOSí development given that there were still things for First Division to do.

But a loss of confidence in the UMN and Vector arose inside me and this feeling wouldnít go away. And I could never forget Almadel.

Thatís why I passed in my resignation letter.

Itís probably something that Allen and the others will never forgive me for. But as long as I have bitterness toward Vector, it is doubtful that I could ever return.

It would no longer be possible for me to see KOS-MOS.

I have not thought about what would happen, but I intend to research the truth on the subject of my father and his part in the incidents 14 years ago, the UMN, and Vector.

Feb and Nephilim told me. I must face my pastÖ