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Shion: Where am I? Have I… been saved?

Maiden of Grimoire: Yes.

Shion: It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the one who saved me…

Maiden of Grimoire: Yes.

Shion: So… thank you. Are you okay? Have you been hurt?

Maiden of Grimoire: No.

Shion: Why did you save me?

Maiden of Grimoire: Because you tried to protect me.

Shion: All right. You call yourself Nephilim?

Maiden of Grimoire: Grimoire called me that.

Shion: Is Grimoire… your father?

Maiden of Grimoire: I don’t know, I don’t remember anything. But Grimoire told me that he knows everything about me.

Shion: Everything?

Maiden of Grimoire: Yes, my memories, my name, everything. But he will only give them to me if I unite all the Fragments. If I don’t he will scold me. I’m scared… I’m so scared! I can’t do it…

Shion: It’ll be okay. Everything will be fine. Don’t be afraid. I’ll stay close to you. I swear, I will protect you.

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~

Maiden of Grimoire: You will protect me?

Shion: Yes. I won’t leave you all alone. And it isn’t just me. There’s my brother too.

Maiden of Grimoire: Your brother?

Shion: Yes, his name is Jin Uzuki. Some of his habits are odd but he is very nice. So don’t worry. He’ll come save us.

Maiden of Grimoire: Jin, Jin Uzuki. U… zu… ki…

(Narration – Shion)

I lost consciousness while trying to comfort the girl, who was in the Scientia vessel. When I awoke, I was in a strange place with her.

Where was this?

Who brought us here?

One would say it’s an old church. I had no idea. Next to me was a frightened little girl who held me tightly in her arms. To be reassuring, I tried to erase my anxiety.

Because of this, I didn’t remark on her change. Yes, once she heard the name “Jin Uzuki”, her face changed slightly…


Grimoire: What are you so afraid of?

Shion: Who are you?

Maiden of Grimoire: This person, it’s… Grimoire.

Shion: Huh?!

Grimoire: Are you scared?

Maiden of Grimoire: I don’t understand! I don’t understand anything! I’ve been mistreated! Help me!

Grimoire: Sorry, I can’t.

Maiden of Grimoire: You won’t… help me?

Grimoire: Nephilim, you want your memories, don’t you?

Maiden of Grimoire: Yes. You gave me the name “Nephilim”. You said you would give me my memories!

Grimoire: Yes, I promised you. I'll give you a nice name and pleasant memories. But for that, you must obtain all of the Fragments. Then you can come see me.

Maiden of Grimoire: But I can’t! I’m scared!

Grimoire: You’ll be fine. You can do it. Let’s go, come Nephilim.

Shion: But what are you talking about?! Are you kidding?!

(Grimoire takes her with him. Jin then appears before Shion.)

Shion: Jin!

Jin: Shion!

(Narration – Shion)

Immediately after he kidnapped her, my brother appeared before me.

Once I saw his relieved face, all the anxiety contained inside me disappeared.

Trying to hide my emotions, I told him everything that had happened. But suddenly, a whole host of macrophages appeared in front of us.


Jin: Doctus!

Doctus: You’re talking in a pitiful tone of voice, what happened? I missed you? I’m staying here. Go stop Grimoire!

Jin: But!

Doctus: (Latin sentence) Hyyyyaaaaaaaa!!

(Narration – Shion:)

In an unexpected manner, Doctus appeared to protect us. Why did she do that if we’re enemies?

I was still confused, so Jin explained to me that I was a prisoner in a section of the UMN called Ars Nova controlled by Vector, that my consciousness was captured by Grimoire, and that to come help me he had to ally himself with Scientia.

Grimoire seemed to have fled to the depths of this building. We went in pursuit of him.


Grimoire: Welcome to my Holy Land.

Jin: Grimoire!

Grimoire: You have my gratitude. Thanks to you, she could finally awaken.

Jin: My work is not finished yet.

Grimoire: You think you impress me with your talk? Very well, you shall be witnesses to the miracle.

Jin: Miracle?

Grimoire: You think you’re in a place where only top-secret information is accumulated? That’s a great mistake.

Jin: It’s a place created by Vector to keep you imprisoned. A sort of spiritual prison.

Grimoire: A prison? That’s why I told you that you are mistaken. I told you, for me it’s a Holy Land. It is here that I exist completely.

Jin: So you always wished to live here?

Grimoire: I doubted that you would understand. Therefore, I will give you an explanation.

Maiden of Grimoire: Uzuki… Uzuki… The Fragment… Nooooooo!!

Jin: Argh!

Shion: Stop!! I’m begging you!!

Jin: Urg!

(Jin is caught in a pillar of purple light.)

Shion: Jin!!!

(Narration – Shion)

So that’s why she wanted the Fragments. She told us that the Fragments were indispensable for her to get her memory back.

Her memories.

Not knowing who she was, he was probably the only one who could tell her. But could she be happy if she got back her memories knowing that she was a Realian born for experiments?


Grimoire: Come. With this, you can have everything.

Maiden of Grimoire: What is this? These are… my… this is… my memory? This is wrong… it’s wrong!!!!

Jin: It’s…!

Shion: It’s the Song of Nephilim!

Grimoire: You hear it, this song… My beloved song.

Shion: Stop! I will never let you play this song!

Grimoire: It will propagate through the UMN and resonate with the entire universe! And then my daughter… Nephilim… can be brought back to this Holy Land.

Shion: So Nephilim… is your daughter?!

Maiden of Grimoire: These aren’t… my… memories?

Grimoire: Ars Nova is the memory of my dear daughter. You shall inherit her memories. Then we can use Lemegeton and you can accommodate my daughter’s soul. You will become the object of my desires.

Maiden of Grimoire: Stop this! Stop!!

Grimoire: Don’t complain. You will obtain what you have always wanted.

Maiden of Grimoire: No! Nooo!! These aren’t my memories!

Grimoire: That’s foolish! Why are you rejecting them?! Stop that! I beg of you!! Nephilim… my daughter… Take them, please!

Maiden of Grimoire: No! Nooo! Nooooo! I don’t want this!

Grimoire: Why?!! Why are you refusing?!!

Shion: You don’t understand? She doesn’t want someone else’s memories! Her soul only wants its own memories! You don’t see that you’re only hurting those around you!!

Grimoire: Instead of having a soul shrouded in lies, she will harbour a free soul and live as Nephilim! I am sure that she would be much happier!

Shion: That is what you believe!

Grimoire: Don’t talk like you know everything!! While Vector used me I was stuck here for an eternity! I’ve endured the pain of losing my daughter all this time!!

Shion: But…

Grimoire: My dream is disappearing.

(Narration – Shion)

The Fragments that Grimoire planted in the girl united and Lemegeton was finally complete. After the awakening of Lemegeton, she began to be swept away by Gnosis.

If she stayed in this state, she would emit the song throughout the UMN, which would quickly spread it and make it resonate all through the universe. If this happened, our world would be completely overrun by the Gnosis.

Why did this have to happen?

She only wanted her memories. Grimoire only wanted to revive his beloved daughter. The two of them only wanted to attain their wishes and nothing more.

But in reality, their wishes mutually hurt them and only brought misfortune to other people.


Grimoire: Nephilim!

Shion: Nephilim!

Grimoire: Finally, you’re back! I’ve waited for you, I’ve always waited for you. Welcome back, Nephilim.

Nephilim: The fact that you’re held here… It’s because of your love for me. I’m sorry.

Maiden of Grimoire: Noooooo!! I don’t understand!! I don’t understand anything!! Give it to me! Give me my name! Give me my memories!