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Juli: I’m sorry, but the chances of saving her…

Jin: Even if they’re slim, I’m sure a way exists.

Juli: I think that as well but you must still prepare yourself for the worst…

Jin: Prepare myself for what?! If I lose hope it’ll be like abandoning her again!

Juli: I’m sorry, you’re right. I must also keep hope.

Jin: Shion…

(Narration – Jin:)

“The Maiden of Grimoire” disappeared right before our eyes following her awakening. Shion, trying to help her, fell unconscious. According to the Subcommittee’s report, traces of the girl have been found in the UMN. Therefore, it’s possible that Shion’s consciousness is forcibly held there.

Along with Professor Mizrahi, we tried to retrieve it but, not having a single clue in the immensity of the UMN, this was a lost cause.

Being unable to do anything else, I had nothing more to do than wait. I could do nothing but deplore my uselessness, the same as 14 years ago.

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~


Jin: Nephi…lim…

Nephilim: This place is called Ars Nova. It’s a world of memories sealed by Vector.

Jin: Sealed? A world of memories?

Nephilim: It’s where terrible memories and painful thoughts remain. Soon, all consciousness will unite here. Shion, Grimoire, and the young girl can be found here.

Jin: Shion?!

Nephilim: Yes, Grimoire is holding Shion prisoner.

Jin: Tell me how to save her!

Nephilim: When a person tries to fulfill their dream, they don’t necessarily become happy. This dream can be so strong that it brings misfortune to those around them. Grimoire has still not realized this. Please Jin, stop him.

(Narration – Jin:)

Nephilim contacted me through my consciousness. She informed me that Shion and the girl were being held prisoner by Grimoire.

They are in the depths of S-Division, a location controlled by Vector and protected by very high level security.

Nephilim asked me to stop Grimoire. I don’t know if something happened between them but now that I know the place where they are being held captive, I have no reason to hesitate.


Juli: Nephilim said that?

Jin: Yes. She said that Shion is being held prisoner along with the girl in a place called Ars Nova, which is sealed by Vector.

Juli: You’re planning to go save them? That’s foolishness! Vector constantly makes reparations and controls this area. It’s a difficult location to reach even for a member of the government.

Jin: Despite everything you still won’t help me?

Juli: Even the smallest error could cost us dearly.

Jin: I know. I won’t force you.

Juli: Jin. It is likely that we cannot save her. Besides…

Jin: I have no excuse but I’m going to borrow your ES and this Fragment for a while.

(Jin climbs into the ES Reuben)

Jin: Take-off!

Professor Mizrahi warned me not to interfere with Vector. Considering her position, her reaction was normal and I couldn’t blame her for that. However, I couldn’t allow myself to abandon them and I had to exploit all the possibilities that were presented to me.

I never hesitated even for second at the thought of going to save them. However, one thing perturbed me: the Maiden of Grimoire wasn’t afraid until she saw me. On her face was the same expression as that day…

(Note: Here, Jin tells about his encounter with the Maiden of Grimoire.)


Jin: What’s the situation?

100-Series: It seems that during the last two attacks, in a radius of 0.859 km from the center, Gnosis have appeared. In particular, a large form is emerging in this hangar.

Jin: As I thought. It seems they are searching for something.

100-Series: The enemies have begun to move. They must have spotted our position. More than 16 are approaching but it is impossible to determine their exact numbers because of interference.

Jin: Right, you’re coming with me?

100-Series: Yes.

Jin: Good answer!

(Narration – Jin:)

I then went, along with the 100-Series Realian, towards the location where the Gnosis were concentrated. There, we found a boy.


Jin: Who are you?

Mysterious boy: If I don’t find it it’ll be your fault!

Jin: What are you talking about?!

Mysterious boy: Yeeesss, I know! What will you say to this!

(A Gnosis appears and captures the 100-Series Realian)

Jin: Impossible! How did you do that?!

Mysterious boy: Ha ha ha! That’ll teach you!

(Hilbert Effect sound)

Jin: Stop! If you continue this it’ll touch you too!

(Narration – Jin:)

Thanks to the power of the Fragment, the boy manipulated the Gnosis. He was probably searching for the Maiden of Grimoire.

We would have to face the Gnosis that was in our way. But the boy made it touch the Realian, who began to gnosify.

She executed the Hilbert Effect and pulled herself into our dimension. With no way to save her and given that she was completely gnosified, there was nothing I could do but destroy her.


Jin: Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.

Maiden of Grimoire: No, don’t come any closer! Help me! Grimoire!

(Narration – Jin:)

Scientia talked about Grandhis. During my investigation of the Gnosis, I had the opportunity to meet one who gnosified my partner, a 100-Series Realian.

At that time, the girl was also afraid.

My partner executed the Hilbert Effect on herself which pulled her into our dimension and I had no choice but to destroy her. The girl saw it all and wasn’t frightened by the scene itself, but by me.

It’s likely she wanted to run away from me and didn’t want me to rescue her. I must at all costs force myself to forget this so I can concentrate on the rescue.

I needed certain equipment to infiltrate the heart of Vector and get by their security. Other than the Subcommittee, I saw no other way than to visit this organization. Indeed, only Doctus and her colleagues could help me.

If Shion was with me, she would surely yell at me, saying I was irresponsible and rash. But as long as I shared a common interest with Scientia, it was possible that I could work with them.

But before Doctus could consider my proposition, there was this conversation.


Doctus: What are you doing here? Have you come to stop us?

Jin: As you will see, I have not come for that. I would like to make a deal. I know where Grimoire is hiding and I must go there. I come to ask for your help. If you accept, once this is done, I will give you the Fragment of Grimoire.

Doctus: How ironic.

Jin: I would like for you to prepare for my dive. I don’t think this is a bad deal.

Doctus: Hm hm hm… During your dive, your life will be in our hands. You will entrust it to us at that point?

Jin: I have no choice. I cannot attain my goal otherwise.

Doctus: And if I refuse?

Jin: That would be bothersome indeed. To tell the truth I never even thought of that possibility.

Doctus: Ha ha ha… What a face you make for a captain… All right. I accept your offer. However, this will be the only time we will work together.

Complimentary Report on Grimoire

First of all, the series of incidents in connection with the Fragments were caused by a man called Grimoire Verum. Given that the origin of these unexplained phenomena as well as the hiding place of the one responsible is in Vector’s Special Maintenance Area, there are strong chances that Grimoire Verum himself is there.

How has he managed to stay alive all this time? That is a mystery. For an unknown reason (possibly linked to the disappearance of Lost Jerusalem), it seems that he has become a spiritual entity that exists within the UMN.

We can assume that Vector knows this fact, hides the existence of Grimoire, and holds him in order to reconstruct Lemegeton.


Doctus: So… that would explain why Ars Nova is so important to Vector… Okay. We’ll interfere directly with the UMN and force a hole open. You take it from there; you must make your way to Ars Nova.

Jin: Understood. What are Ars Nova’s coordinates?

Doctus: If the Maiden of Grimoire is there, the Fragment will resonate and allow you to find your route. Obviously, anti-intruder units will come after you. Your survival depends on you.

Jin: Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.