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Captain:: Welcome. We are Scientia. You have surely heard our name before, have you not?

Jin:: Scientia? Thatís the anti-UMN resistance. What do you plan on doing with the girl?

Captain:: She is deeply linked to Lemegeton.

Jin:: If she has a connection to this program, you have no reason to kill her, correct?

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~

Information on Scientia

The anti-UMN organisation formed by the unification of anti-government resistances spread all over the Federation. Founded by Melisse Ortus in TC 4669.

With several million members, itís currently the largest resistance organisation in the Federation. Itsí members are attempting to bring to light the possible relationship between UMN use and the appearance of the Gnosis. Skilfully using a distinct network, they carry out guerrilla-type acts against the UMN administration.

Connection to the Maiden of Grimoire

Current information on the Maiden of Grimoire:

She is a type of unique Realian that differs from current Realians. Her pupils, which are the most important external characteristic of Realians, were created in a non-conventional manner. We can remark that her traits are similar to the type of Realian created by Professor Mizrahi during his research for the U-TIC organization.

Her body was used by the same professor for Lemegetonís reconstruction in U-TICís HQ, Labyrinthos. But during the Miltian Conflict, the data concerning this research as well as those of the donor were lost and the details remain unknown.

After the conflict, an official publication called for the destruction of all Realians used in his experiments. However, certain information indicates that several child-like Realians remained missing.

(Narration Ė Shion)


The clandestine organization that denounces the UMN as being dangerous and continues to act on its own will. Why is it so obsessed over this girl? This has, as anticipated, a connection with the Miltian Conflict 14 years ago.

It discovered that the Realian was made by Professor Mizrahi, and got its hands on information concerning the experiment that used Realiansí bodies during the conflict. Furthermore, itís the Lemegeton program that was used for this experiment.

Realians made by Professor Joachim Mizrahi.

Now I remember. In the past, I had developed relationships with three Realians: Febronia, Cecily, and Cathe.

Would it be possible that ďthe Maiden of GrimoireĒ was in the same place as them and that she was used for the U-TIC organizationís experiments?

And yet, until the colour of her pupils change, she tries to hide something from us. But whatÖ?

(Note: Shion is making a reference to an event that will take place at the end of the chapter.)


Captain:: Lemegeton isnít only a program. Once placed in the brain, it contaminates its host and turns them into a Gnosis. Only their individual will is kept as is.

Shion: What does that mean?

Jin:: Impossible! Peopleís conscience is conserved when they become a Gnosis?!

Shion: Thatís horrible!

Captain:: We call them Grandhi.

Jin:: Would the girl be in that case? But why now?

Information on the Fragment Retainer

Someone who has been contaminated by Lemegeton by having a Fragment implanted in their body is called Grandhi. Currently only a boy from the ďRozenĒ district has been confirmed as a Fragment Retainer.

Also, there are strong chances that ďthe Maiden of GrimoireĒ falls into that case.

On its own, the Fragment is useless but if it is placed in the brain, the program contaminates its host by emitting waves and Gnosifies them.

What changes in comparison with classic Gnosification is that to maintain individual vital functions, individual conscience is maintained as is. The people in this situation are called Fragment Retainers. The dangerousness of the fragments of Lemegeton resides in the fact that it creates these Fragment Retainers.

People in this case then become capable of controlling waves and it allows them to direct the calling of the Gnosis as they desire.


Jin:: If what you say is true, she would have been contaminated 14 years ago. So why didnít she reappear until now?

Doctus: Vector.

Jin:: Vector?!

Shion: What?!

Report on the Suspicious Points About the UMN

41% of the Gnosis responsible for damages or reports by witnesses come from the UMN. The majority of the Gnosis apparitions in the real number domain happen through a dive via the UMN. This is a known fact.

The fact remains that no trace of true inquiry into Gnosis in the UMN exists. Currently, although the UMNís control and administration are under the jurisdiction of the Galaxy Federation, this arrangement was entrusted to Vector. Vector is also on the initiative of dealing with damages caused by the Gnosis. Although reports on the handling of the damages are sent to the Galaxy Federation, almost everything is done in absolute secrecy and at the end only one formal report is published.

But first of all, what is the UMN?

No documents remain about the development of the UMN other than recordings on the basis of its maintenance, recordings on the installation of transfer columns in the galaxyÖ Could it be possible that no documents remain other than a network installed during the creation of the Federation?

According to these supposed facts, we can only suppose that Vector, although conscious of these dangers, would knowingly hide very important information linked to the Gnosis and the UMN.

In response to that, Vector claims that there are no implications. In-depth investigations seem to be necessary.


Doctus: An interesting history, no? Lemegeton was originally controlled by Vector. A portion Joachim Mizrahiís research funds were also financed by Vector. Grimoire is hidden in the UMN, which was created and is maintained by Vector. There is no reason for Vector to know nothing about the current incidents.

Jin:: However, this is nothing but supposition.

Doctus: Sure, suppositions. The personal interests of Vector seem to be hindered by unknown obstacles. This enterprise, while it knows the dangers of the UMN, hides things. It is obvious that it has another objective.

Shion: Huh!

(Narration Ė Shion)

Vector had a link to the current incidents? I didnít want to believe that story.

Certainly, Vector is responsible for the layout of the UMN. However, to say from there that it is linked to this affair is a big step.

But there are this girl and Lemegeton. And also the actions of the man named Grimoire in the UMN. There is no reason why Vector shouldnít be up to date with this information. Without doubt it possesses numerous mysteries. I, as representative of KOS-MOS, never had information sent back to me. One begins to feel like someone is acting in the shadows.

Although I decided not to get attached to Doctusí words, uneasiness began to grow inside of me.


Captain:: Now we will uncover the true nature of Grimoire. If all goes well, we will obtain proof of Vectorís implication in all this. Good, tell me when youíd like to go.

Jin:: Shion, is this conversation worrying you?

Shion: But for the moment, there is no proof of Vectorís implication. Iíll try to do everything I can.

Jin:: Okay.

Operator 1: Correction of the UMN bypass route towards the Maiden of Grimoireís brain.

Captain:: Where are the preparations for Lemegeton?

Operator 1: Beginning emotional coercion. Confirming contact with the UMN bypass route.

Captain:: Well, will it be a raving madman or a genius who will take the bait? Whoever it is, they will surely appear before us.

Doctus: Do you honestly think Grimoire will come from there?

Captain:: Well, weíll see. But itís sure that we have no other means at our disposal. He will inevitably take the bait.

Operator 1: Commencing forced dive into the Maiden of Grimoire. Maintaining normal defense.

Operator 2: Confirming the electronic transmission of the dive data.

Operator 1: All systems are okay. Commencing countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Ö

(Narration Ė Shion:)

Scientiaís analysis of the girl began.

Its goal was to get its hands on clues about this man called Grimoire who seems to be pulling the strings behind the current incidents.

The girl seemed less afraid of the pain of the forced analysis than she let on, but something else was even more peculiar.

When she became aware of my brotherís presence, I had the impression that the expression on her face changed slightly.

One could have said that she had known him for a long time and that his presence terrified her. Fear and astonishment showed on her face.

Yes, it is certain that she was frightened by the appearance of my brother. We would soon awaken something that had slept inside herÖ


Maiden of Grimoire: No!!! No!!! Nooooo!

Captain:: What is it?

Doctus: This is bad! We canít maintain the current structure!

Maiden of Grimoire: Donít do it! Stop!

(Alarm in the analysis room, Doctus gives orders to try to stabilize the situation)

Jin:: Maiden of Grimoire!

Maiden of Grimoire: Sorry! Sorry! I donít have what you want! I have nothing else to remember! I canít give it to you!

Doctus: You mock us! What are you trying to make us believe? That, from the beginning, you didnít remember anything?!

Maiden of Grimoire: Thatís wrong! Thatís not it! At the beginning, I had it and if I had been repaired, I could have given it to you.

Doctus: If itís to tell us nonsense, it would be better for you to shut up!

Maiden of Grimoire: No! All thisÖ itís not true!

Jin:: Stop! If you go any further the girl will die!

Maiden of Grimoire: No! No! Donít do it! Donít bother meeeeeee!

Jin: and Shion: Whoa!!!!

Jin:: Shion!

Shion: Iím going! Wait for me!

Jin:: Shion! What's going on?! Shion! Shion!! Respond!! Shion! Shiiiiooooonnnnn!!!!