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KOS-MOS: I will eliminate the enemy.

Doctus: You’re too weak! I’ll smash you to bits!

(Narration – Shion:)

Doctus, the person who destroyed KOS-MOS and kidnapped the Maiden of Grimoire. According to my brother, the location of the Gnosis attack was also damaged by this woman. But why did she want this girl so badly?

Given that Doctus called her “the Maiden of Grimoire”, it is clear that she possesses information on her past. Through a report given by Juli, I searched desperately for proof that confirmed a link between the girl and this incident.

At this instant, I feel the uneasiness within my soul toward the young girl fading.

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~

On the Subject of the Girl Protected at the Site of the Incident

It has been observed that numerous components of a girl called “The Maiden of Grimoire” currently protected by SOCE resemble those of a unique realian created 14 years ago by U-TIC. However, it is impossible to determine if she is the same type given that no records about the Realians remain.

Concerning her data memory unit, almost all of the records were erased. The rest of the memories being too fragmented, it is impossible to obtain information related the incident.

On the subject of the disappearance of the data, we thought at the beginning that this was due to the events that occurred 14 years ago, but the discovery that the rest of the data was artificially falsified made us believe that this girl is related to the current incident.

Details on the Subject of Lemegeton

It’s a program invented by Grimoire Verum for calling the Gnosis. By producing certain waves, it is possible to interfere in the behaviour of the Gnosis.

Several thousands of years ago, it was used to study the relationship between the Zohar and the Gnosis, but the experiment was a failure. The result brought about the zone changing phenomenon that caused the disappearance of Lost Jerusalem.

Lemegeton was salvaged and carefully conserved by Vector at the time of the escape from Lost Jerusalem. When the Zohar Project was scrapped, the program was transferred to the Mizrahi intellectual research center.

Then, the program was restored by Professor Joachim Mizrahi and the basic equipment for the Song of Nephilim was completed.

According to Professor Juli Mizrahi’s information, at the time of the restoration of the program, the body a unique type of Realian was used and the program was implanted in its artificial brain. Thus the control over Lemegeton as well as the regulation of its waves was possible but the absence of records makes it impossible to confirm.


Jin: A fragment of Lemegeton?

Juli: It’s a fragment of the program. But…

Jin: But?

Juli: Thanks to it, it is possible to call the Gnosis and make them appear.

Jin: Huh!

Individual Information Linked to Grimoire

His real name is Grimoire Verum.

He was the technical representative for the Zohar study project and Lemegeton’s programmer, the program for calling the Gnosis.

Beyond that, the rest is unknown.

It seems that the information concerning him was lost during the disappearance of Lost Jerusalem; his death was at the same time.

The body of his own daughter was used for Lemegeton and the program for calling the Gnosis was completed.

During the accident that occurred through the experiment, the Zohar went out of control and consequently caused the zone changing phenomenon that directly brought about the disappearance of Lost Jerusalem.

His daughter died in the accident.


Juli: This program was developed during the time of Lost Jerusalem. However, during the Miltian Conflict 14 years ago, it was divided into multiple fragments that disappeared in the UMN. Its developer was Grimoire Verum.

Jin: Grimoire?!

Juli: It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? He’s been dead for several thousands of years.

(Narration – Shion:)

The current incidents are related to the person called “Grimoire”.

There is also the “Lemegeton” program which was designed by this person called Grimoire and reconstructed by Joachim Mizrahi. And this Realian called “the Maiden of Grimoire”.

Although all this isn’t very clear, the information is beginning to take form.

Juli and my brother headed the girl’s rescue operation. Juli wanted to succeed in saving her at all costs. Probably because her facial appearance reminded her of MOMO’s.

I continued to hesitate about participating in the rescue but I glanced through a report written by my brother about the girl.

On it was the name of a person I know very well.

Consideration on the Subject of the Maiden of Grimoire

The Gnosis attacked the place where “the Maiden of Grimoire” was being held.

Although she did not appear to be injured on the exterior, it seemed that she had lost her memory and that she couldn’t remember anything other than her name.

It seems that this is provisionally linked to shock from recent events and a technical analysis seems necessary.

Once again, some strange points could be found.

Numerous people who had attacked her called her “the Maiden of Grimoire”. However, she refuses to be called that, she calls herself “Nephilim” and wants help from someone called “Grimoire”. These traits are very different than those of the girl I’ve known who calls herself “Nephilim”. It is therefore difficult to believe that she is the same person. What’s more, we don’t know what kind of link exists between this girl and the mentioned “Grimoire” who would have links with the attacks.

(Dialogue 1:)

Jin: Maiden of Grimoire… You were here.

Maiden of Grimoire: No… I am Nephilim…

(Dialogue 2:)

Jin: Have you been able to obtain information on the girl’s data?

Juli: Unfortunately, her memory, or rather her collection of data, was erased by someone.

Jin: She lost her memory? But she calls herself Nephilim…

Juli: This is recent information. According to a member of Third Division, there is no doubt that its data that was entered [into her brain].

(Narration – Shion:) Nephilim… the young girl from my visions who appears frequently before me. The kidnapped girl called herself “Nephilim”. What connection could there be between Nephilim and this girl? If this girl has a connection to Nephilim and the Miltian Conflict, then I can’t ignore it.

I also can’t forget the agent named Doctus who wanted this girl. This woman surely holds information concerning her and Nephilim.

Mysteries Relating to the Agent

The agent who attacked “the Maiden of Grimoire”.

According to her equipment and movements, it seems she has undergone special training, but we still don’t know why she wanted to capture the girl. We also don’t know if she is acting on her own or with an organisation.

Since she called her “the Maiden of Grimoire”, it is surmised that she has a connection with the mentioned “Grimoire” and the attack incidents.

(Narration – Shion:)

After I finished reading the report, my brother told me this story…


Jin: Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.

Maiden of Grimoire: No, don’t come any closer! Help me! Grimoire!

Jin: Do you know Grimoire too?


Doctus: Return the girl!

Jin: It isn’t very nice to shoot at us so suddenly.

Doctus: Next time I won’t miss!

Jin: I see that you are somebody who has character. I don’t get the impression that you plan to improve her education.

Doctus: Medio tutissimus ibis. The Maiden of Grimoire… It is a relic that you have between your hands.

Jin: Indeed, but the fact that you want her life is a good enough reason for her to be with me.

Doctus: The expression on her face… It’s good. I’ll call it quits for today. Vive memor mortis.

Jin: It’ll be all right… We’re safe now.

According to Vector’s instructions, it was decided that KOS-MOS, who was damaged, should come back to headquarters to receive her Version 3 exoskeleton.

With KOS-MOS being absent, I didn’t feel safe, but instead I felt it exaggerated the presence of the girl in the depths of my soul. That’s the reason why I decided to participate in the girl’s rescue with my brother.

For her part, Juli, using of the resonance and the specific pattern of the waves emitted by Lemegeton in the girl’s brain as a means of localization, succeeded in calculating the girl’s location.


Jin: Shion! I have received a report from SOCE. They are asking us to infiltrate the interior of the location where she is being held captive and to bring her back!

(Narration - Shion:)

It was confirmed that she was being held prisoner in a combat vessel. My brother and I burst into the vessel without even caring about the enemy.

But we would soon be aware of the stupidity of our actions.


Jin: I would say the archive room. The owner of this vessel seems to have a passion for that…


Jin: But… acting so abruptly isn’t very admirable. Hand over the girl.

Doctus: This is impossible…