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(Narration – Shion:)

About a year after separating from my brother at the spaceport.

Currently, I’m trying to infiltrate Vector’s UMN Management Center with the help of an organisation called Scientia.

After having taken part in an incident that would later be known as “Gnosis Terrorism” in which Scientia was involved, my group and I experienced a feeling of insecurity and a loss of confidence emerged in us. As I did not succeed in ridding myself of it, and since any contact with KOS-MOS was impossible, I decided to resign from Vector. That’s why I must confirm this secret that I know with my own eyes… all this…

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~A Fragment of Truth Sealed in the UMN~

After the destruction of the space-time anomaly that was created by Albedo in the Miltia region, as the head of development in Vector, I returned to my usual duties. Before I arrived at Second Miltia, I received my nomination paper for the position of manager of the new Third Division founded by the Galaxy Federation. In the end, I returned it blank. After that, I went in search of important documents concerning the attack of the Woglinde up until recent events. During this time, the Gnosis threat grew and no planet in the Federation was spared. I had the feeling that someone could have been the source of all of it.

Six months later, my brother, who had left me at the spaceport and who kept ties with SOCE, gave us the results from his investigation of the Gnosis attacks.

SOCE’s Thoughts Regarding the Affair of the Gnosis Attacks

In the present state of things, no link can be established among the multiple Gnosis attacks. However, several mysterious points concerning the Gnosis having participated in these attacks can be updated.

- The places that were attacked are city centers and busy parts of towns, and it is probable that the attacks are aimed at civilians.
- The Gnosis’ actions were not simple acts of destruction and we can assume that they follow coherent rules.
- After the attacks, all the Gnosis completely disappeared in a given period of time.

Considering these facts, we can believe that the Gnosis’ actions are directed by someone. During a previous Gnosis attack, a boy acting with the Gnosis and who Gnostified a 100-Series Realian was confirmed. According to his statements, it seems like a certain “Grimoire” could be very implicated in this affair. Even if it is impossible to believe these words, if the existence of their leader was confirmed, we could have acquired something like a miracle.

Report by SOCE on “The Maiden of Grimoire”

It has been observed that numerous components of a girl called “The Maiden of Grimoire” currently protected by SOCE resemble those of a unique realian created 14 years ago by U-TIC. However, it is impossible to determine if she is the same type given that no records about the Realians remain.

Concerning her data memory unit, almost all of the records were erased. The rest of the memories being too fragmented, it is impossible to obtain information related the incident.

On the subject of the disappearance of the data, we thought at the beginning that this was due to the events that occurred 14 years ago, but the discovery that the rest of the data was artificially falsified made us believe that this girl is related to the current incident.

(Narration – Shion:)

The Affair of the Gnosis Attacks

First of all, if my brother and I weren’t up to date on certain things related to this incident, these details would probably be of little interest to us.

Only Juli, who quickly pointed out the dysfunctions in this affair, continued the investigation with my brother. They succeeded in obtaining an important clue: during their investigation, they found, at the location of an attack, an enigmatic little girl who was a witness to the scene. They decided to protect her.

Her study at SOCE began and the results confirmed she was a unique prototype Realian that was created for a precise goal.

SOCE’s report was sent to Vector and it decided that the Third Division would come help them. I, as an advisor on anti-Gnosis combat, was also invited to participate in it but what I discovered, by acquiring the results, literally winded me.

She was the same series of Realian that was created personally by Joachim Mizrahi 14 years ago. Moreover, there was no trace of documents relating to her creation.

So there were strong chances that she is deeply implicated in this affair. In that instant, in my strong heart, I tried to deny her existence, for fear that all that defined her being would break my serenity and shatter my certainties.

However, my doubts were quickly transformed into worries when I received an urgent call from SOCE. The incident had become an urgent situation.


Juli: KOS-MOS!

KOS-MOS: Please leave! I will keep the Gnosis here.

Shion: What happened? Are you okay?

Maiden of Grimoire: This person… she has come to kill me!

Shion: What are you trying to say?

Doctus: You’re afraid because I have come especially to meet you. Good reaction.

Shion: I will not let you touch this child!

Doctus: Then I’ll have to use force!

Maiden of Grimoire: No! Noooo!

Shion: Wait…

Jin: Shion! Are you okay?!

Shion: Jin! Where is she?

Juli: Unfortunately they took her…

Jin: It’s too early to abandon her!

The Attack on SOCE’s Specialized Gnosis Laboratory

The young girl protected by SOCE was the cause of this attack.

SOCE asked me leave immediately with KOS-MOS to search for survivors.

With a squad of AGWS from the army, we took over the lab without trouble and we could rescue the young girl, Juli, and later my brother.

But when we were about to leave, the enigmatic agent responsible for all this, Doctus, appeared. This woman, who, I would later learn was part of an anti-UMN organisation, was surprisingly able to badly damage KOS-MOS, then kidnap the young girl right before my eyes.