... I honestly never counted what version this site was on, so for the sake of starting SOMEWHERE, this is version 6! Featuring none other than this domain's namesake. Who was apparently made to just look that good with pastel colors. Nothing else of real note, except that I had fun making this layout at like ... 5 in the morning and am pretty pleased with the result. :D

In December of 2003, Alison gave me the best Christmas present ever - this domain! Since then, she's been victim to my flailing because even after all this time, other than HTML and some php database stuff, I am a lost cause when it comes to website owning. Go me.

And I think it's kind of obvious, but in the event you really don't know what this domain is named after, that would be Yzak Jule of Gundam SEED fame. Now go watch the series because it's amazing.

That would be me, Tara. I have a Plurk, a Dreamwidth and a Tumblr!